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Industrial Boilers

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Waygo - A Leading Manufacturer of Industrial Boilers

With our flagship product being the fluidized bed boiler (FBB), deployed in numerous projects since 2007, Waygo also provides total solutions in:

  • Multi-fuel & biomass fired fluidized bed boilers for producing steam/heat at very affordable costs
  • Oil- and gas-fired boilers
  • Grate and chain grate boilers
  • Thermal oil boilers
  • Industrial drying systems
  • Thermal networks & pressure equipment
  • Thermal system auditing & implementation of monitoring systems

With our fluidized bed boiler technology, capable of burning different biomass fuels while complying with strict environmental requirements - the Waygo team has carried out more than 40 projects of this kind throughout Vietnam since 2007. Our boilers have a capacity range of 1-100 tons/h.

Figure: The overall design of Waygo's Fluidized Bed Boiler

Our major clients include: Heineken; Pepsi; Tôn Đông Á; Hòn Tằm Merperle Resort; DRC Đà Nẵng; TTC Group; and Vingroup’s subsidiaries: Vinpearl Đà Nẵng, Vinpearl Nha Trang, Vinpearl Phú Quốc, Vinpearl Nam Hội An, and Vinmec Times City.

Our clients are from various industries: F&B, Paper & Packaging, Resort & Spa, Textile Production, Rubber Production, Automotive Tire Production, Timber Drying, Animal Feed Production, Seafood Production and Processing, Hospital, Pharmaceutical, and more.

FBB is a boiler technology that has been around for some time but has only gained much adoption in recent years due to the growing need for companies to utilize  low-grade, renewable fuels. FBB is a technology that allows for the burning of fuel in a “fluidized bed” made of sand; it is capable of efficiently burning low-quality biomass fuels to generate steam/heat. Generally speaking, FBB is considered to be much greener and more sustainable than boilers that utilize heavy oils, gas, or coal.

Figure: The principles of Fluidized Bed Boilers

The Waygo team consists of experts who were among the first to develop and popularize fluidized bed boiler technology in Vietnam in the early 2000s. With nearly two decades of experience developing commercial boiling in Vietnam coupled with the continuous improvement and application of new control technologies, nowadays our proprietary FFB technology with improved thermal processes for firing common fuels in Vietnam produces steam/heat at very high efficiency with low production costs. Our boiler systems can be monitored remotely through the central control system or from the cloud on the Internet.

Figure: A Waygo Fluidized Bed Boiler


    • Capacity                 : 3.000-40.000 kg/h
    • Designed Pressure: 10-30 bar
    • Main Fuels             : multi-fuel, including biomass: rice husk, saw dust, wood chips, wood pulp v.v...
    • Thermal values      : from 3.000 kcal/kg
    • Operational Characteristics: Automatic supply of water; automatic regulation of boiler output per each preset working pressure; semi-auto or auto mechanical mechanism for fuel feeding; automatic cutoff of fuel supply as the boiler has reached working pressure; over-pressure protection; water depletion protection; combustion chamber temperature protection
    • Dust Removal System: two-tier dust removal system conforming to Vietnam's emissions regulations (QCVN 19: 2009/BTNMT)
    • Manufacturing Standards: TCVN 12728:2019, ASTM


Figure: Part of the control room for our Fluidized Bed Boilers

With continuous investment in research and development, Waygo has developed a specialized SCADA for its boiler systems, including intelligent boiler control algorithms, leading to optimized furnace efficiency and providing data for operation management & diagnosis. Specifically, the SCADA can remotely monitor the operation of many boiler systems in different cities from the cloud. This SCADA system is easier to use than traditional control systems using pure PLC when it comes to operation monitoring, fault diagnosis, performance reports, system warnings, and even the management of operating personnel.

Figure: One of the UI screenshots

Below are some of the key features of this SCADA system:

    • 1. Real-time data acquisition and visualization of all of the equipment’s parameters at the control desk
    • 2. Plotting of historical trends of data
    • 3. Smart system control
    • 4. Remote monitoring via the Internet
    • 5. Smart redundancy equipment logic that allows for the maintenance and servicing of equipment without system downtime
    • 6. Data retention on the cloud for up to 24 months for system analysis, diagnosis and efficiency improvement

Figure: The control desk with integrated servers, workstation computers, UPS, Internet connectivity and propriatery software